Why use temporary buildings?

Temporary buildings enable you to expand your on-site storage and operational capacity with minimal cost, delay and disruption. Buildings can be used short-term or as an alternative to a permanent building. 

Temp buildings offer up-front cost savings and ongoing commercial gain. So how can your business benefit?

Benefits of using a temp building

Speed: get the extra on-site space you need in days with a temporary building, avoiding the delay and cost of groundworks. No need to hire off-site space, even for short term building needs.

Cost: achieve up to 70% cost savings when using a temp building as an alternative to a permanent building. Hiring a temporary building comes with practically zero risk as there is no large binding investment – completely in keeping with today’s unpredictable economy.

Flexible: hire, buy, dismantle, return, relocate, extend or modify your temporary building as your business needs evolve.

Summary Features and benefits
    • Hire or buy a temporary building for complete flexibility
    • No ground-works needed on hard-standing
    • Use instead of a permanent building at a fraction of the time and cost
    • Fast and simple to install, dismantle, relocate or modify
    • Avoid long-term commitments and associated risks

    Compared to off-site hiring or investing in more traditional buildings this solution wins hands down in terms of cost, speed, simplicity and functionality. As a company we are complete converts to temporary buildings and wouldn’t recommend using any other provider than Aganto.”

    John Burgoyne - Maintenance Surveyor, Travis Perkins

    Aganto temporary buildings are one of the best ways to expand your operation for minimal cost, disruption and delay. In keeping with current environmental and economic issues they are the only choice for many.

    To speak to an expert to find out whether a temporary building would help you, call Aganto today.

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