Temporary building links

To ensure full integration with your existing facilities and processes we can link our structures to your own buildings or to each other.

These weather-proof links for temporary buildings will help you ensure

  • employees, goods and equipment are kept dry at all times, and
  • processes and procedures are kept as efficient as possible

Typical applications for linked temporary buildings

  • linking a loading canopy to an existing warehouse
  • linking a warehouse temporary building to an existing production facility
  • gutter-linking two hire structures together to create the overall sq m needed

Installation and dismantle

The link is fitted as part of the standard installation process. 

For hire contracts when linked temporary buildings need to be removed, the links are dismantled and taken away along with the temporary building. This is an easy process that allows your site and buildings to quickly go back to their original state with no evidence or residual of the link.

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Temporary buildings combine flexibility and quality with durability and longevity

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