Temporary buildings – applications and solutions

A temporary building has many benefits including outstanding adaptability. Aganto modular buildings are highly versatile and have proved their value in a vast assortment of applications.

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Temporary building applications


On-site warehousing and storage capacity can be expanded in days by installing an Aganto warehouse building, eliminating the need for off-site warehousing and improving control of stock and customer lead times. A cost effective way to create a temporary warehouse.

On-site storage

Aganto prefab storage buildings can range from basic weather protection through to temperature controlled units for sensitive storage requirements - creating additional productivity and profitability from un-used site space for a more efficient storage building.


New contracts or business growth can be quickly accommodated by an Aganto workshop building. If your future growth is uncertain we offer a range of hire contracts for temporary workshops. Alternatively prefab workshops are suitable for long-term use and can be purchased.

Loading / unloading canopies

Increasing pressure from regulatory bodies to protect loading/unloading from bad weather damage has seen a huge demand for Aganto prefab canopy buildings. The modular and portable industrial canopies create perfect loading bays, and can be linked to existing buildings.

On-site Waste management

With eave heights up to 6m a waste management prefabricated building can easily accommodate an Auto Baler and our flexible hire agreements make it easy for businesses to create their own waste processing buildings to trial their own waste management programmes.

Temporary fire stations

Aganto has specific experience in providing Fire Station buildings for use during rebuilds or refurbishments of existing premises, enabling services to continue from the same location. Prefabricated buildings are adapted to meet the precise criteria required for an operational station, including rapid rise doors.

Recreation buildings

The range of buildings available makes them ideal for sports facilities or recreation buildings, to meet increased or seasonal demand and well as providing additional space during refurbishments. Buildings can be specified to accommodate a wide range of recreational activities.

Education buildings

Temporary classrooms are often needed for over-subscribed courses or where classroom refurbishment is underway. Aganto’s portable and flexible prefabricated buildings can be adapted to create functional and secure classrooms, assembly halls etc. Prefab educational buildings can be adapted for a range of needs.

Temporary retail and showroom space

Store refurbishment, expansion or rebuild projects can significantly affect trading. A modular showroom or temporary retail unit will enable trading to continue on-site at 100% efficiency whilst vital improvement works are carried out to the main store and avoids any disruption to customers.

Public sector buildings

Refurbishments, rebuilds or fire damage – Aganto’s portable and flexible buildings can be used for multiple public sector building applications from storage to warehousing and operational units.

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Temporary buildings combine flexibility and quality with durability and longevity

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