Loading bay canopies

Create more covered space for dispatch and goods-in.

Available for hire or sale, our canopy buildings provide fast, durable and affordable protection from wet damage, improving turnaround times by speeding up the loading / unloading process.

Key features

  • Up to 6m eave height – drive trucks straight inside
  • Can be built onto existing hard ground without groundworks 
  • Loading bay extensions can be attached to existing buildings or linked together to cover larger areas
  • Durable loading and dispatch buildings, for short or long term use

Warehouse canopies

Put the problems associated with wet damage behind you, quickly and easily. No more financial losses, insurance claims, dissatisfied customers and a better working environment.

See a case study to find out how commercial canopies have been used to create covered loading bays.

What our customers say:

“It is vital we keep freight dry when loading and unloading as damaged freight will not only incur costs but could lose customers. The canopies supplied by Aganto were an extremely effective solution that met our needs perfectly at a low cost and with minimal disruption."

Greg Thurston - Managing Director at Pace

“We know from the canopy project at Crewe that Aganto structures are a very fast and economical way of protecting goods from the weather and that the Aganto team can be trusted to deliver a first class expert service. The new industrial canopy at Bardon meets our requirements perfectly and is also encouraging shorter turn-around times as loads can be collated under cover prior to collection and loading."

Ian Widdowson - Group Warehouse & Distribution Manager, The Benson Group

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