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  • retail unit configuration
    10/01/2017 - Ruth Oxley
    Time-lapse video showing a 3000 sq ft warehouse being built in less than 96 hours

    For numerous reasons, businesses may want to rapidly increase or replace their warehouse, storage or loading capacity; the time lapse video below shows how a 3000 sq ft storage facility can be constructed from scratch in as little as 24 hours

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  • safe loading bay design
  • 17/11/2016 - Richard Abbott
    10 reasons to choose a temporary building

    There are many good reasons to choose a temporary building to expand operational space. See how it could make a difference to your business.

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  • 13/10/2016 - Richard Abbott
    Do your pallets need some TLC?

    Wooden pallets are becoming more expensive, so it is worth looking after them! Read how you can protect your pallets with a canopy building from Aganto.

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  • 22/09/2016 - Ruth Oxley
    The story of IMHX-Aganto Style

    IMHX is the largest event in the logistics industry calendar; so prestigious it occurs once every three years and that big it takes four huge halls at the NEC Birmingham. As one of the UK’s leading temporary building suppliers, Aganto signed up knowing the importance of the event.

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  • 08/09/2016 - Richard Abbott
    10 ways to get more warehousing and storage space

    Whilst temporary buildings are our specialism, there are other ways to increase your operational space. It’s a big decision, so read our tips here first!

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  • 18/08/2016 - Ruth Oxley
    Futureproof your Business with Aganto at IMHX 2016

    Aganto are exhibiting their range of buildings at the IMHX exhibition on 13th to 16th September 2016. Click to read more information and how to get tickets.

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  • 11/08/2016 - Richard Abbott
    Benefits of aluminium buildings

    Aluminium buildings offer a lightweight and strong alternative to a traditional or steel building. Read about the benefits of using aluminium here...

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  • 28/07/2016 - Richard Abbott
    How to reduce risk when expanding your business

    A temporary building can make investing in premises low risk. Click to read about how using a temporary building can make investment planning controllable.

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  • 14/07/2016 - Ruth Oxley
    Post Brexit – temporary buildings come into their own!

    We’re seeing an increase in demand from businesses wanting to use temporary buildings to expand their on-site operational and storage capacity with lower capital investment. Find out more here

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  • 30/06/2016 - Richard Abbott
    Invest in the Future with a Temporary Building from Aganto

    Negotiating the future Following last week’s EU Referendum, it seems clear that we are entering an uncertain economic climate and as businesses..

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    • 23/06/2016 - Richard Abbott
      Is warehouse space running out?

      Although it might be thought that the country is occupying its time in a continual debate about the future, it is easy to forget that life and commerce carries on...

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    • 09/06/2016 - Ruth Oxley
      All roads lead to Rome

      Positioned perfectly on the compass rose of all North, South, East, West major road routes, including the A34 and M4, Aganto’s new head office h...

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    • 26/05/2016 - Richard Abbott
      How many uses for a temporary building?

      The obvious answer to why use a temporary building is because there is a temporary need. There are many other uses though that involve long-term use, weather protection, keeping storage on-site, improvement projects etc. They all however benefit from the three factors that make temporary buildings so unique; speed, cost and flexibility.

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    • 28/04/2016 - Richard Abbott
      Using warehouse buildings as part of contingency planning

      It is a fact of life that bad things sometimes happen and anticipating them, as far as possible, is part of sensible business planning. Fire is a part...

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    • 14/04/2016 - Richard Abbott
      Buying a used temporary building

      Temporary building suppliers will often offer second hand buildings for sale at a reduced rate. And, when they come available they are usually snapped up quickly. How, when and why would you choose and benefit from buying a used temporary building instead of new?

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    • 17/03/2016 - Richard Abbott
      The pros of prefabricated building construction methods

      Construction methods for prefabricated buildings can create many advantages for the manufacturer and also the end user. In the main these are based around building in a controlled environment as opposed to on-site which in term affects things like waste, quality, lead-times and disruption on-site once the construction process actually commences.

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    • 18/02/2016 - Richard Abbott
      Do temporary buildings need planning permission?

      You have made the wise decision to buy or hire a temporary building, and know where it will be installed, the question is – will planning permission be required?

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    • 04/02/2016 - Richard Abbott
      Hiring a temporary building-top tips

      With the temporary buildings market becoming more populated with marquee companies branching out into long-term storage and manufacturers delivering direct to end user customers, it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to make an informed choice on who is the right temporary building provider and what is the right building for them.

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    • 21/01/2016 - Ruth Oxley
      The Mini Revolution

      The new Mini Warehouse is an economic and practical alternative to a shipping container. Read more about this new storage solution and how it is different.

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    • 07/01/2016 - Richard Abbott
      A roof does more that keep the rain out!

      The roof has a long and interesting history, right up to the present day.

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    • 22/12/2015 - Ruth Oxley
      Looking for a container or self-storage?

      How about a mini warehouse on-site instead? Aganto have been in this business now a long time, dealing with a diverse amount of industries, in a vari...

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    • 10/12/2015 - Ruth Oxley
      Another successful year

      It’s been another successful year for Aganto temporary buildings, serving customers across the nation.

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    • 26/11/2015 - Richard Abbott
      Storage on or off site – you decide

      It is estimated that the amount of vacant warehouse space in the UK is 32 million square feet, which is about 7.5% of the total available, but of this...

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    • 29/10/2015 - Richard Abbott
      Choosing a temporary building

      Are you in the situation where you need more operational space and you need it now! A traditional build is an option but may take too long and could b...

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    • 08/10/2015 - Richard Abbott
      10 things you may not know about aluminium

      We use aluminium in our buildings as it is flexible and strong as well as being environmentally friendly. It is a fascinating metal and one with an in...

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    • 01/10/2015 - Ruth Oxley
      Temporary warehouses – strike a pose!

      Here at Aganto, we felt it was time to give our temporary industrial buildings’ pictures a makeover. As you can see from our refreshed and reva...

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    • 03/09/2015 - Richard Abbott
      10 ways a temporary building can save money

      A temporary building is known as a cost effective addition to a company’s property portfolio, providing economical extra operational space. Some...

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    • 27/08/2015 - Ruth Oxley
      How temporary is a temporary building?

      In a nutshell, as temporary as you want... How long can they be used for? Temporary buildings can be used for three months, three years or, in many ...

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    • 06/08/2015 - Richard Abbott
      Temporary Buildings – A green alternative

      President Obama caused a stir recently when he committed the US to reducing carbon emissions by 32%. Whilst the deadline for this target is 2030 the c...

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    • 09/07/2015 - Ruth Oxley
      The UKWA Awards and the Barometer of Change

      Aganto were extremely honoured to have been asked by HSS Magazine as special guests to attend the UKWA Annual Awards Luncheon 2015. In plush surround...

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    • 09/07/2015 - Richard Abbott
      Customising Your Temporary Building

      Once a decision has been made that more operational space is needed and that a temporary building is the answer, how can you make the building work fo...

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    • 25/06/2015 - Ruth Oxley
      Adding Value to Your Business

      Aganto director Andy Butters recently spoke to Handling and Storage Magazine about how an Aganto temporary building can be tailor made to suit a wide ...

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    • 11/06/2015 - Richard Abbott
      10 reasons to choose a temporary building

      Temporary buildings offer much more than a cost effective alternative to traditional buildings. There are many advantages to choosing a temporary stru...

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    • 28/05/2015 - By Ruth Oxley
      Going the Extra Mile

      Aganto has grown and developed from listening to the customers, tailor making products which are the most suitable for any business requirements. Goi...

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    • 14/05/2015 - Richard Abbott
      What’s the Best Way to get more Warehouse Space?

      The economic indicators have been fairly consistent, apart from the odd blip, in showing that the economy is growing and as a consequence, businesses ...

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    • 24/04/2015 - Richard Abbott
      Temporary Buildings – More Flexible Than You Think

      When thinking about a temporary building the image created is of a utilitarian structure with four walls, a roof and an access door, but they can offe...

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    • 09/04/2015 - Richard Abbott
      Space to Grow

      Recent figures suggest that the economy is continuing to grow with confidence returning to many sectors. The CBI has recently estimated that the ...

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    • 26/03/2015 - Ruth Oxley
      Calling all Operations! Your Warehouse Needs YOU!

      This can often be a funny time of year in the world of temporary buildings. It is the start of the financial year for many organisations, the general ...

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    • 12/03/2015 - Ruth Oxley
      Longton Community Fire Station; Helping Make Staffordshire the Safest Place to Be

      Great news in the local press last week that the newly rebuilt Longton Community Fire Station is now open with new amenities including training facili...

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    • 05/03/2015 - Ruth Oxley
      The Pallet Network Phenomenon... and how Aganto is here to support it

      A pallet network is a concept that helps improve delivery times as well as offering benefits in efficiency and economy. It is basically a cooperative ...

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    • 26/02/2015 - Richard Abbott
      Recovering from Disaster

      A fire in a warehouse doesn’t happen often but when it does, it can have catastrophic consequences. A recent article in Property Week highlighte...

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    • 19/02/2015 - Richard Abbott
      Temporary Buildings – Surprisingly Useful!

      It is not generally realised, but temporary buildings can be used for a surprisingly wide variety of purposes. Traditionally they have been thought of...

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    • 29/01/2015 - Ruth Oxley
      Helping Businesses Get More Space

      Handling and Storage Solutions magazine recently interviewed Aganto director Andy Butters about temporary buildings and how they can help businesses i...

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    • 24/12/2014 - Ruth Oxley
      New Blood, New Start, New Year

      What a year! Aganto, the industry leading temporary building specialists, have experienced the busiest year yet in terms of projects, expansions and n...

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    • 18/12/2014 - Richard Abbott
      Access for a temporary building

      A temporary building is much more than a basic structure for storage with just four walls and a roof and not much else. These buildings are in fact a ...

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    • 09/12/2014 - Ruth Oxley
      Made In the UK...

      Industry today has come a long way. There is light at the end of the tunnel, ploughing us through the depths of the recession. Thanks to the stalwarts...

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    • 20/11/2014 - Richard Abbott
      Flooring in temporary buildings

      Aganto supply temporary buildings to a variety of industrial and commercial businesses and for different uses such as warehousing, storage, retail out...

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    • 06/11/2014 - Richard Abbott
      A flexible future for manufacturing

      There is much hand wringing about the manufacturing sector, mainly because its decline has meant that the economy is perceived to be imbalanced with t...

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    • 29/10/2014 - Richard Abbott
      Using a commercial temporary structure

      In business, circumstances can change, and an opportunity can be presented which means finding the right solution quickly is important. Take for examp...

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    • 23/10/2014 - Richard Abbott
      Industrial marquees – building or tent?

      There is a confusion in terminology when it comes to industrial marquees or temporary buildings as they might be more popularly known. Often whe...

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    • 09/10/2014 - Kathy
      Using a temporary building to extend your warehouse

      If you need to extend your warehousing space on site a temporary building is certainly worth considering. And, given the modular nature of these structures it can be relatively easy to reconfigure them into canopy structures and create bespoke links. Because of this the methods of extending warehousing space with temporary buildings can be adapted to different circumstances. What are the different solutions available though and how can they help businesses?

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    • 25/09/2014 - Richard Abbott
      Saving cost and time with a warehouse building

      When a business needs more warehouse space the first option is to look off-site where there might be spare capacity that can be leased short or long t...

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    • 16/09/2014 - Kathy
      What ground surfaces would a temporary building need?

      What types of surfaces are suitable for temporary buildings and when would you, if at all, need to carry out any ground preparation prior to build? This posts considers all these aspect including different surfaces, what happens if the ground is unlevel and when/why you might consider a concrete slab.

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    • 11/09/2014 - Richard Abbott
      Prefabricated buildings - older than you might think!

      Prefabrication is a technique used in a variety of industries, as components are manufactured in a factory, which may be assembled into a finished uni...

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    • 28/08/2014 - Richard Abbott
      Evolving styles of industrial buildings and factories

      Modern factories and industrial buildings are the result of a timeline beginning in the 18th Century when the Industrial Revolution changed the econom...

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    • 21/08/2014 - Kathy
      Unsure about the ‘temporary’ in temporary buildings?

      Temporary buildings come with this title because they can be easily put up, taken down and moved. Just because you can do this though does it mean you have to? Or, put another way, how long can you use them before you need to take them down? This blog answers these commonly asked questions and looks at how the word 'temporary' can distort the true durability and strength of these unique and flexible structures.

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    • 14/08/2014 - Richard Abbott
      Protecting your goods

      Protection from the elements when moving goods from the warehouse for transportation is an important part of the logistics process. Keeping goods dry ...

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    • 03/07/2014 - Richard Abbott
      The easiest way to expand your operational space

      The consensus is that there is a shortage of industrial space at the moment, which might be expected given that the country is emerging from a recessi...

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    • 26/06/2014 - Kathy
      Temporary warehouses on trial

      Temporary warehouses can and are trialled by businesses who choose to hire before they purchase. This not only ensures they are right for your business before committing long term, but it also eradicates any misconceptions about durability and quality.

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    • 17/06/2014 - Richard Abbott
      Things are looking up for manufacturing

      For many long years we have been bemoaning the fate of the manufacturing sector in this country. As is well known, the growth of service industries ha...

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    • 12/06/2014 - Kathy
      What’s the difference between an industrial tent and a temporary building?

      On the face of it the difference between an industrial tent and temporary building could simply a matter of perception. Both can often look similar and both can be installed very quickly onto existing hard surfaces. The key difference however is something very important as it is critical to safety, functionality and longevity.

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    • 05/06/2014 - Richard Abbott
      Logistics is a Hazardous Business

      Seeing trucks moving freight around the country is a familiar sight to all of us as we undertake our journeys. The accident rate involving heavy goods...

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    • 29/05/2014 - Kathy
      How much does a temporary building cost?

      How much does a temporary building cost?

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    • 22/05/2014 - Richard Abbott
      Temporary can be misleading

      I was interested to hear the other day of plans to auction the original pencil design drawings of the Mulberry harbour used for the Normandy invasion ...

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    • 13/05/2014 - Kathy
      How long does it take to build a temporary building?

      The fast turnaround is a real advantage of using temporary industrial buildings. What are the lead and build times though and how does buying new or hiring from stock affect them? And, what is it about the installation process that makes them so quick, easy and economical?

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    • 08/05/2014 - Richard Abbott
      Growing demand for industrial buildings?

      The country, as we are all too aware, has been through some tough times and none more so than the industrial sector, where many years of decline have ...

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    • 01/05/2014 - Kathy
      Temporary buildings v permanent

      Temporary buildings may not be as durable as permanent ones, but they can't really be caught when it comes to speed, cost and flexibility. How and why would you choose to use one over a permanent building though and what would be the advantages and disadvantages to your business?/temporary-buildings

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    • 17/04/2014 - Kathy
      Temporary building specialists launch the Aganto Foundation

      Aganto temporary building specialists have set up the Aganto Foundation to provide funds and support to their chosen charities. This year the team voted for Cancer Research who will benefit from a guaranteed £3k donation and any fund raising activities by the Aganto team to be matched.

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    • 11/04/2014 - Richard Abbott
      Benefits of aluminium buildings

      Aluminium, with its many green and commerical benefits is being used more and more in modern architecture. We've been using aluminium with our temporary warehouse buildings for years and are dedicated converts to this wonderful metal. We also found some other devotees on a website for the Council for Aluminium in Buildings (CAB). Is aluminium the metal of the future? The features and benefits that CAB and Aganto acknowledge suggest it is.

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    • 27/03/2014 - Kathy
      Temporary buildings give growth without the risk

      Temporary buildings recently helped Aker Solutions expand their operation without the delay and capital expense of a permanent warehouse extension. Find out how here and read more about these unique structures and how they allow businesses to quickly capitalise on growth without any risk.

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    • 27/03/2014 - Kathy
      Temporary buildings, Minsky and simply does it

      What do temporary buildings and Minsky have in common? Simple solutions to complex problems. With Minsky it was economic theories. Temporary buildings its extra space. Why can people be suspicious of 'simple' though? Is it because our lives are so busy and complex we have forgotten what 'simple' is, or do we consider it just too good to be true..?

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    • 20/03/2014 - Kathy
      What foundations are needed for a temporary building?

      Do temporary buildings need any foundations or ground prep? Or, can they always be built directly onto existing ground? Find out in this week's post.

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    • 13/03/2014 - Kathy
      Would you hire a warehouse on-site or off-site?

      With quality commercial property available for rent being in decline over the last couple of years, businesses have been looking at alternative options. A temporary building can not only create the additional warehousing needed, but it can often do it much quicker with the added advantage of keeping everything on site. So, what are the reasons for choosing this option over off-site hiring and why aren't more people doing it?

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    • 27/02/2014 - Kathy
      The climate its a changin, do we need to change too?

      With parts of the UK slowly disappearing under water and no clear understanding of how much climate change is to blame, it might be prudent for businesses to start considering wet weather in their business plans and strategies. Contingency plans for flooding and cover for any outdoor storage or loading activity would be good places to start. And, the latter doesn't need to be a large investment into a permanent industrial canopy or warehouse extension and a visit to the bank with a begging bowl.

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    • 13/02/2014 - Kathy
      What classes as a temporary structure

      Temporary structures vary significantly in terms of design, specification and size depending on what you need it for. Event structures are designed for very short term use, whereas other industrial or commercial structures could be used as a more permanent solution, retaining the abilty to move them if necessary. What are the different types of temporary structure though and what makes them lay claim to this title?

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    • 16/01/2014 - Kathy
      What's in a name?

      There are different designs of temporary building available all of which have different names and labels applied to them such as modular, portable or relocatable. Which type of temporary building is suitable for you though and which is the right label to attribute to it to make your research easy and conclusive?

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    • 09/01/2014 - Kathy
      When would you use a temporary warehouse?

      When, why and how can you use a temporary warehouse? When you need some temporary warehousing on-site of course. That's the simple answer but there are many other times you could benefit from using temporary warehouses and for many other applications other than storage.

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    • 02/01/2014 - Kathy
      Coping with unforeseen growth

      Unforeseen growth is good news, but you often need extra space to capitalise on it. With a dwindling supply of quality commercial space available in many areas, how do you go about increasing storage or operational space quickly and economically?

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    • 26/12/2013 - Kathy
      What can you do with an industrial marquee?

      Industrial marquees can be used for many different applications and reasons. Find out just how adaptable these structures are and how businesses can expect to benefit in terms of speed, cost and flexibility.

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    • 19/12/2013 - Kathy
      How to cope with a warehouse building fire

      Warehouse building fires can have a devastating effect on businesses. Risk can be managed though by understanding the causes and have a contingency plan if the worst happens. Knowing how to get a temporary warehouse on site and up and running in days is a major factory in the recovery process.

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    • 12/12/2013 - Kathy
      Temporary buildings help with power station upgrade

      Working on large power plants always has high regulations in terms of health and safety. To secure a temporary building contract on such a plant isn't always easy but to then go on and perform without one single criticism is testament to Aganto's strong and highly skilled temporary buildings team.

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    • 05/12/2013 - Kathy
      It’s a winning team for temporary structures

      Aganto is a compact but very strong team within the temporary structures industry. This is one of the key elements to our success. What are the best ways of creating and retaining a small strong team?

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    • 28/11/2013 - Kathy
      Temporary structures link up for success

      Providing tailor-made links for temporary structures is something that ensures maximum integration with existing systems and facilities for our customers. And, a recent link project at Boulder Brands in North Wales proved that nothing in terms of link building is impossible!

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    • 21/11/2013 - Kathy
      Get down to your nearest temporary structure

      If you're new to temporary structures its hard to envisage the quality and durability of them. The best way to overcome this is to see a structure in operation. What's the easiest way to do this though and what will you gain from it?

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    • 14/11/2013 - Kathy
      Prefabricated buildings the safe way

      Installing a prefabricated building needs to be done in line with strict health and safety standards; not just ours either, but those that are unique to a particular site or company. We know our Site Managers and Crews can do this, but how do you until you see them on site? How do you put your trust in us when we say we will deliver a building installation to the highest safety and quality standards?

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    • 03/10/2013 - Kathy
      Temporary warehouse equals flexible warehouse

      When it comes to warehousing, temporary really does equal flexible. Temporary warehouses offer unbeatable flexibility in terms of what you pay, how long for and how the building and your site space can adapt to changing business needs. Whether hire or purchase contracts offer the best value and flexiblity though is down to individual circumstances. Both however retain a high degree of flexibility.

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    • 26/09/2013 - Kathy
      Ground preparation for prefabricated buildings

      What kind of foundations or ground preparation do prefabricated buildings need? And, are there any prefabricated buildings that don't need any and can be built onto existing surfaces?

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    • 12/09/2013 - Kathy
      Get covered for your supplier audit

      One of things we have found a supplier audit might pick up on is goods left out in the open, subject to wet damage and waste. Whether you have an audit looming or you're aware more covered is needed, there is now an easy way to avoid damage, have a happy customer and get full marks on your audit.

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    • 29/08/2013 - Kathy
      Healthy savings, healthy sales

      It's often said that temporary storage buildings can be used long-term but when, why and how successfully have they? Travis Perkins, leading supplier to the UK building industry, has found this out thirteen times over.

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    • 22/08/2013 - Kathy
      Can temporary warehouses be used long-term?

      Can and do companies use temporary warehouses on a long-term basis? Or, even as an alternative to a more permanent building? Its a good question to ask because if the answer is yes then there are major up-front and ongoing cost and time savings to be gained.

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    • 14/08/2013 - Kathy
      How do aluminium prefabricated buildings compare to steel?

      When choosing an industrial prefabricated building you will probably be considering a steel structure, but may come across aluminium buildings in your research and planning phrase. So what's the difference, which is better for your project? How do you decide? To help we've put together some pointers based on what your actual needs are.

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    • 08/08/2013 - Kathy
      What's so great about aluminium?

      Aluminium is a much lighter metal than steel, so how and why can it be used for industrial prefabricated buildings? In truth aluminium buildings gain strength in other areas and can legitimately be used long-term or even instead of a more permanent steel structure. So how is this achieved and how do the lightweight qualities create advantages in handling, construction, speed and cost?

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    • 01/08/2013 - Kathy
      On or off with your temporary warehouse?

      If you need temporary warehousing there are two options which both have good and minus points. Here we have looked at the specific pros and cons of hiring space off-site or hiring on-site with a portable temporary warehouse. Read more to find out which would be best suited to your business and situation.

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    • 25/07/2013 - Kathy
      Need some extensions?

      Writing this post in the blistering heat wave we've been having makes you forget about the true UK weather - rain! Because of our climate along with tightening regulations and expectations, businesses have needed to ensure all loading and handling activity is done undercover. The best way to achieve this is with warehouse and loading bay canopy extensions that can act as holding areas or covered loading/unloading space. And, one of the best loading bay canopies available today in terms of cost, ease and speed are aluminium framed structures.

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    • 18/07/2013 - Kathy
      Temporary warehousing, the choices

      If you need to accommodate overflow warehousing quickly what are the options? You could lease property off-site but depending on where you are in the country you might find a last minute search is fruitless as the availability of quality property continues to decline. You could also consider temporary warehouses and having one built on site. This post looks both temporary warehousing options in more detail and the benefits they both provide.

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    • 11/07/2013 - Kathy
      How can temporary buildings help manufacturers?

      Temporary buildings can obviously provide short term advantages to manufacturers who need fast interim space on-site for growth, new orders or unforeseen projects. What about other uses though and long-term requirements? Can manufacturers legitimately use these structures long-term and what benefits does that present in terms of cost, speed and flexibility?

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    • 04/07/2013 - Kathy
      How to get full integration with your storage building

      Installing new buildings on site often means they need to be integrated with existing handling and storage processes and the ability to link buildings to existing structures becomes important. Can temporary storage buildings be effectively linked in this manner? Read more about how to link temporary buildings and the benefits in this post.

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    • 27/06/2013 - Kathy
      How fast is fast enough?

      When it comes to fire, flood or weather damage to buildings, fast needs to be instant. Failure to get warehousing, production or trading back up to 100% capacity within a few weeks could mean business failure. Temporary structures have been proven in this area yet again when Waterways Garden Centre lost their main trading buildings to snow damage. Not only has the Aganto temporary structures kept them open and trading but they are now considering exchanging it for a larger more permanent Aganto building as a longer term plan. Read more about the Waterways project and why emergency temporary structures are so effective.

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    • 20/06/2013 - Kathy
      What is an industrial marquee?

      Industrial marquees can conjure up images of a stained old pvc tent covering industrial storage. It is in fact a name given to industrial temporary buildings, which are just that; buildings.

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    • 13/06/2013 - Kathy
      Photo call for temporary warehouses

      Can a picture tell a thousand words? How important do you think professional and original photographs are for your business. For temporary warehouses and industrial buildings we couldn't be without them. This post considers why professional photographs are necessary for most businesses and what is best to avoid.

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    • 04/06/2013 - Kathy
      Temporary storage buildings v social media

      Are you drowning in social media? There is so much out there, how do you know where to be, what to say, when to say it... and on it goes. As we have with our temporay industrial buildings and temporary storage buildings, this post suggests you go back to the beginning; to the customer. And, where they go, you follow...

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    • 30/05/2013 - Kathy
      Really? That easy?

      Really yes, that easy! Temporary buildings are the epitome of ease and speed when it comes to construction. Much of this comes from the fact that no foundations or ground works are needed, which is in turn derived from the lightweight but extremely strong and durable aluminium frame. 

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    • 23/05/2013 - Kathy
      Manufacturing rationalising calls for temporary warehouse

      Changes in manufacturing processes often require additional or temporary warehouse space. Often this is due to growth and higher demand requiring an increase in production. Rationalising a manufacturing process can also mean space needs to be reconfigured or additional buildings installed, particularly if the manufacturing plant is being relocated.

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    • 16/05/2013 - Kathy
      How long is yours?

      The buying process in a company can vary greatly depending on size of business, type of product, cost involved, number of people involved in the decision and so on. Prefabricated buildings have a long buying process and how prospects are responded to at each point of contact is critical to taking them confidently through to securing a deal.

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    • 09/05/2013 - Kathy
      A temporary world

      Our architectural landscape seems to be changing, blending traditional buildings with more temporary buildings and prefab structures.

      Large events see structures built, used by thousands and dismantled in a matter of weeks. The McDonalds on the Olympic Park reigned for just 6 weeks as the largest McDonalds restaurant in the world before being swiftly dismantled and removed. And, although we are lagging behind, prefab homes seems to establishing itself as a solution to many a housing problem.

      So, what's the benefit of temporary buildings and prefab structures and how do they sit alongside our more traditional buildings of bricks and mortar?

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    • 03/04/2013 - Kathy
      Fastest industrial building in the west

      Seeing is believing! Watch an industrial building being built in 4 days. The idea of building an industrial building brings to mind several months o...

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    • 28/02/2013 - Kathy
      Humble temporary buildings mix with supersonic Bloodhound and champion racing drivers.

      Its all happening at the International Materials Handling Exhibition this year at the NEC Birmingham, 19th - 22nd March. Everything you could possibly want to know about making your internal logistics more efficient can be found at the event including Aganto's temporary buildings. Its not all business though as you can rub shoulders with champion racing drivers plus their cars and also check out the supersonic Bloodhound designed to achieve a new land speed record of 1000 mph

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    • 12/02/2013 - Kathy
      What have aluminium industrial buildings got over steel?

      Customer feedback has recently highlighted to us once again the costs that can be saved by using aluminium industrial buildings instead of steel. A recent client of ours would have had to pay £25k more on a steel building to cover the cost of ground-works and then experience the 6 to 8 week delay as opposed to having new storage space in less than a week. Read more on how these cost and time savings were achieved.

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    • 30/01/2013 - Kathy
      Are temporary buildings strong enough to cope?

      The UK transport system and some of us may not be able to cope with the rain, snow and now gales, but it's a serious question of safety that all buildings can. So what about aluminium framed temporary buildings, can they? The two words there that can lead to misconceptions of quality are aluminium and temporary. The truth though is very different with the key strength and durabilty coming from the very same.

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    • 15/01/2013 - Kathy
      Temporary buildings go to the intralogistics ball

      Join us and our temporary buildings at the intralogistics ball, International Materials Handling Exhibition (IMHX) 19 - 22 March. For anyone with so much as a finger tip in the world of logistics its well worth a day out. You may leave with bags full of tat, but you'll have a head full of achievable ideas on how to make your own intralogistics quicker, cheaper and easier.

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    • 08/01/2013 - Kathy
      Temporary buildings under the spot light

      Read our latest blog which takes an open and honest look at temporary buildings and considers the pros and cons for UK industry.

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    • 10/12/2012 - Kathy
      Do we want the truth or something beautiful?

      With very feeble growth forecast for 2013 and austerity measures extended now to 2018 businesses must be finding long-term forecasting has become a thing of the past! If the Chancellor cannot forecast accurately, then what chance does the rest of us have? Business solutions that offer low cost, low commitment and low risk combined with choice and flexibility are the order of the day which is why more and more people are choosing temporary buildings over the high investment and binding commitment of permanent structures.

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    • 28/11/2012 - Kathy
      Temporary buildings visit the NEC

      With our plans underway for a modest stand at the IMHX next March for our temporary buildings business, you can't help wondering how long exhibitions are going to survive faced with the domination of digital and now the social revolution!

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    • 13/11/2012 - Kathy
      Temporary industrial buildings help waste industry

      Baled and processed waste needs to be kept dry so waste companies can sell it on at the best price. With the amount of recycling on the up though covered storage space may start running out on some recycling sites. Temporary industrial buildings have been proven to solve this problem quickly and affordably, keeping waste dry and profitable.

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    • 07/11/2012 - Kathy
      The easiest way to build a new warehouse building

      During the economic turmoil over the past few years we have found many businesses are now using temporary buildings as permanent solutions and an alternative to traditional bricks and mortar or steel warehouse buildings.

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    • 22/10/2012 - Kathy
      Temporary workshops ensure business continuity

      Have a look at our recent temporary workshop video. Advice and information on how to use our temporary workshops and customer reviews on how they have ensured business continuity during high demand and outage programmes.

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    • 08/10/2012 - Kathy
      Industrial canopy project proves simple is often best

      Simple solutions are often overlooked because they are, well, too simple to be any good? Simple is often the best way though for so many business scenarios (and personal but that's another post..) and our recent industrial canopy project proved it.

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    • 02/10/2012 - Kathy
      Are your loading bays fed up with the British weather?

      Loading and unloading activity carried out in the open is often subject to various difficulties, usually associated with the British weather. Customer expectations and regulations are continually increasing and the slightest bit of wet damage to pallets and goods could cause unacceptable waste and incurred costs.

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    • 24/09/2012 - Kathy
      Lonely warehouse buildings

      Vacant warehouse buildings are at risk of theft or damage if not secured and maintained properly. Whats the easiest way to close up and look after unused warehouse buildings and is there a way to avoid having vacant buildings that prey on resources and stress levels?

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    • 18/09/2012 - Kathy
      How much can prefabricated buildings save your business?

      Prefabricated buildings that can be installed without needing pre-laid foundations require minimal time, labour and equipment creating major up-front and ongoing cost savings. Often it is buildings engineered from lightweight aluminium that can be anchored into the ground as opposed to built on foundations. This benefit however has sometimes been their undoing leading to perceptions of inferior quality, but this is far from the truth.

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    • 04/09/2012 - Kathy
      The benefits of aluminium

      Aluminium is a unique metal that combines lightweight properties with strengh and flexibiliy. Add to this its recycling qualities and you have something that's worth talking about. This is the Aganto guide to aluminum and how the benefits relate to aluminum industrial buildings.

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    • 20/08/2012 - Kathy
      Fight the war on waste with aluminium warehouse buildings

      With the Government’s recent announcement on Mandatory Carbon Reporting commencing next year for all listed companies, it’s clear that environmental regulations are going to keep tightening. One way to start reducing your business waste is to bring waste management programmes in-house and an ideal way to trial this is by hiring an aluminium warehouse building.

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    • 15/08/2012 - Kathy
      Are trade shows and exhibitions worthwhile?

      Are trade shows still worthwhile? Can we afford the time and money it takes to visit or exhibit? Is the ROI measured and justified? Or, can we really now find everything we need, including new customers and business relationships on the internet?

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    • 07/08/2012 - Kathy
      What are the best ways to deal with difficult suppliers?

      We all know that poor communication in our personal and professional lives can cause problems. When your dealing with difficult suppliers however communication needs to be regular, open and honest to ensure the supply chain does not get disrupted.

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    • 11/07/2012 - Kathy
      Running out of warehousing space?

      If you are running out of warehousing space, what are the options to increase space quickly and cost-effectively, without investing in a new permanent warehouse building? Read more to find out what areas to review and where improvements can be made.

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    • 09/07/2012 - Kathy
      Wall to wall choice with prefabricated buildings

      Once you've decided a prefabricated building is the right choice for your business you then need to work closely with your chosen supplier to determin...

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    • 26/06/2012 - Kathy
      Are prefabricated buildings a green and pleasant thing?

      Is this something that could be related to prefabricated buildings? Or, in the words of William Blake, is this something more suitable to our currently 'very green' and pleasant land?

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    • 13/06/2012 - Kathy
      Seeing is believing

      Sounds a bit over the top when all you're talking about is an industrial temporary building! Industrial temporary buildings however ...

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    • 22/05/2012 - Kathy
      The new flexible friend

      Is a new flexible friend helping UK industry stay responsive to erratic consumer demand and economic fragility?

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    • 19/03/2012 - Aganto
      Industrial units on the move

      Industrial units usually bring to mind a static industrial unit on an industrial estate with space to lease for warehousing. Ideally close to your own site to keep transport costs and hassle low. Now there is another type of industrial unit which can be available immediately, but more importantly located anywhere you want.

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    • 29/02/2012 - Aganto
      Fastest industrial building on the block?

      Up until recently the fastest way to get industrial building space was by leasing off-site industrial buildings. Anything else usually takes months of design, planning and building. Now there is something else that encompasses the benefits of both solutions – speed, cost, flexibility and remaining on-site.

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    • 30/01/2012 - Aganto
      Need more warehouse space?

      If things are getting a bit tight in your existing warehouse, you might be looking for additional warehouse space. Find out about a quick, cost effective and convenient way to get it.

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    • 18/01/2012 - Aganto
      Temporary buildings risk reduction

      When you hire a temporary building, make sure you understand and follow any maintenance and safety guidelines.

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    • 07/12/2011 - Aganto
      Can temporary storage buildings make good recession busters?

      If you need additional storage how can a temporary storage building help your business in times of economic instability?

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    • 16/11/2011 - Aganto
      Warehouse buildings how to make the right choice

      Warehouse buildings and the different options are varied and wide, but how do you make the right choice for your business? Consider the options,

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    • 16/11/2011 - Aganto
      Temporary buildings-what exactly are they anyway

      Temporary buildings are still a bit of an enigma according to recent research. Uncover them here…

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    • 08/06/2011 - Aganto
      Temporary building lifespan?

      Temporary buildings, just how long do they last..? A very good question and one that is asked frequently as the word ‘temporary’ can have different meanings to many.

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    • 16/03/2011 - Aganto
      Industrial canopies-why does everyone want one?

      Industrial canopies – we have noticed a real trend over the past year with more and more Aganto customers hiring or buying industrial canopies for loading and unloading operations

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